The AMI in Canada

The Montessori Society of Canada

The Montessori Society of Canada, The AMI Alumni in Canada (MSC) is the AMI affiliated society in Canada. As such, it works to promote the goals of the AMI and the principles and practices of Dr. Maria Montessori. MSC was first formed in September, 1998, and was federally incorporated in December, 1999. The MSC is a registered charitable non-profit organization. Membership in MSC is open to all AMI diploma holders.

The Montessori Society of Canada plays a central role in the Montessori community within Canada by hosting national conferences, publishing a newsletter, hosting a job search on its website, holding workshops, courses, and other events in conjunction with the AMI training centres and various schools. These events support the professional development of Montessori practitioners in Canada. Many events are open to all.

All AMI Trained staff at schools participating in Montessori Quality Assurance will hold current membership in the AMI through its affiliate in Canada, the Montessori Society of Canada.

The current members of the MSC Board of Directors are:

Executive Members (2016)

Dominic Bradford - President
Tiffany Gouldingd - Past President
Erin Higginbottom - Secretary
Laurie Wilson Forbes - Treasurer

MSC Members-at-Large (2016)

Anne E. Laws
Felix Bednarski

Attendees with Renilde Montessori at the First MSC National Conference in Ottawa, June 2000

The AMI Consultation Group

The AMI Consultation Group is registered as a non-profit organization in Canada. It works in collaboration with the Association Montessori Internationale in Holland to administer Montessori Quality Assurance in Canada. Consultation visits are coordinated by the office in Canada and AMI Certificates of Recognition are issued by the office in Canada also.

The process of consultation is intended as one of support and mentorship to those working in Montessori environments. The AMI Consultation Group consists of Trained AMI Consultants and AMI Teacher Trainers. Consultation is a valuable professional development activity, which causes the teacher to reflect on her work and often, to deepen her understanding of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy.

Schools practicing regular consultation demonstrate a commitment to the principles of the AMI.